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Nevums [userpic]
Pilot Candidate
by Nevums (chpstks_in_hair)
at December 1st, 2005 (01:45 pm)

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SubjectPilot Candidate
Title review One of the best unfinished animes every partially made

Title: Pilot Candidate

Released: Nov. 6, 2001

S/D: Dubbed

Genre: Action, Mech

# of episodes: 12

Run time: aprox 30 mins.

Story: In the far distant future every planet has been destroyed by the Victim, aliens from an unknown location in deep space, except one. The last bastion of humanity, Zion is under constant threat of annihilation from the Victim, their only hope is the Goddess, Giant mechs piloted by people with a special ability EX. Pilot Candidate follows the latest group of trainees for Goddess, focusing mainly on 2 candidates who stand out from the crowd in ability candidate #88 Zero Ena and his rival # 87 Hiead Gner

Bottom line: Excellent series. The only problem is it was not finished. The series ends abruptly, leaving you with a lot of questions. Some of which are answered in the OVA. Even with out an ending Pilot Candidate is worth seeing

Other available series: 1 OVA (has not been licensed so you can only get it by downloading it)