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Nevums [userpic]
Shadow Skill
by Nevums (chpstks_in_hair)
at October 28th, 2005 (05:10 pm)

current mood: restless

Title: Shadow Skill pt.1 (the movie), pt.2 (the epilogue) Kagewaza
Released: 06-1997, 10-1997
S/D: dubbed
Genre: martial arts, action, fantasy
# Of episodes: N/A
Run time: pt.1 1hour 20mins, pt.2 52mins
Story: Shadow skill is about Elle Ragu, the 59th sevalle, the winner of the tournament, and her adopted brother Gau Ban. An orphan Elle took in after bandits murdered his parents. We follow their journey to visit the graves of Gau’s parents and to train for the tournament. Along the way they run into Vy Low (aka scarface) another sevalle, and the best fighter in the land. He follows them, watching Gau, to see if he’ll be the worthy rival he’s been looking for. There are many impressive battles, which is the central theme of this anime. In just over 2 hours we follow their lives over a period of about 4 years in a not quite straight line. Characters appear and disappear in a single scene never to be seen or heard of again. The entire time you’re watching it feels like you’re missing something. Like you’ve missed the first episode
Bottom line: The central theme of this anime is the many impressive battles fought throughout their journey, leading up to the tournament. If you like fighting animes you’ll enjoy Shadow skill.
Other available series: 26 ep. TV series released in 1998, 5 part manga series