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Nevums [userpic]
Birdy the Mighty
by Nevums (chpstks_in_hair)
at November 5th, 2005 (02:51 pm)

current mood: confused

Title: Birdy the Mighty

Released: 1996

S/D: Dubbed

Genre: Action, Science-Fiction

# of episodes: 4 (on DVD 2 on videos)

Run time: approximately 2 hours total

Story: Meet Birdy and Tsutomu, An intergalactic police officer with super-human strength and a regular somewhat unlucky highschool student with only one thing in common. Walking home from cram school one night Tsutomu becomes a human shield for the interstellar outlaw Birdy is pursuing, leading to Tsutomu's death. Wait the main character just died in the first five minutes. But he's in luck, in accordance with interglactic law Birdy must merge with Tsutomu to sustain his life. Now with these two very different people sharing one body, entrance exams, a girlfriend who might have seen them switch places, a family who is trying to figure out why Tsutomu is acting so weird, a space criminal to catch before he turns Tokyo into a hive of hideous psychic soldiers and time running out can these two polar opposites learn to live together? Maybe he wasn't so lucky after all.

Bottom line: This anime is a new take on the old story "Jekyll and hide" told in a funny and quirky way. This little known anime is hard not to like, it's somewhat silly in parts but has enough action to make most fans happy. It's worth tracking a copy down. My only complaint is they didn't continue the story but it is still worth seeing.

Other available series: Manga